African Transkei

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Originating near Durban on South Africa’s Wild Coast, Transkei Cubensis Shrooms are a potent modern strain that produces prominent body sensations and open eye visuals, with a ballet of tracers, dancing lights and geometric shapes that increase at higher doses. Sometimes called the SATs, the South African Transkei Cubensis shrooms provide a light-twinkling, skin-tingling experience, whether you’re dancing during the energetic come-up, or melting into a fit of the giggles and the resulting cuddle puddle.

Psilocybin mushrooms commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms” are naturally grown mushrooms that are psychoactive when consumed in full doses. However, when consumed in a tiny dose way below the threshold dose, no hallucinogenic effects are present.

Microdosing allows for subtle shifts in perception causing mood lifts, increase in creativity, energy, focus, and overall well-being. Research and scientific studies are now showing that psilocybin mushrooms may have profound medicinal benefits to assist brain repair and cell growth and alleviate depression and anxiety. Athletes wanting to increase performance, artists and creative professionals, and individuals suffering with anxiety and depression are among the many types of people who microdose.

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