Tidal Wave


The Tidal Wave variety is the result of a cross between the B+ cubensis variety and the Penis Envy variety. It has above average potency, it fruits quickly and it is relatively easy to grow due to its resistance to contamination. Its physical characteristics include thick white stems similar to the Penis Envy strain, as well as large golden caps, typically with a distinct umbo (bump) on top. Visible mycelium growth can also sometimes be seen on the caps of this strain.
Tidal Wave has gained some notoriety lately after a grower named “Magic Myco” submitted his isolation of Tidal Wave (Tidal Wave 2) to the “Psilocybin Cup”, a competition hosted by an organization called Oakland Hyphae that took place in spring 2021 that tested the average tryptamine content of a wide variety of magic mushrooms. “Magic Myco”‘s Tidal Wave 2 took home first place after his sample was revealed to have a whopping 3.82% tryptamine content. For context, previous testing had placed the average cubensis mushroom at between 0.6 to 0.8% tryptamine content. Of course, tryptamine content can vary widely between samples and isolations, but overall, Tidal Wave cubensis typically has an above average potency due to the influence of the Penis Envy present in the genetics.

If you purchase this product you will earn 65-750 Points worth $1.30-$15.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 65-750 Points worth $1.30-$15.00!
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